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Greek/ Corfu driving tips


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Please mind that in Greece:

-You have to drive on the right hand side of the road
-Drive carefully and slow down when it’s raining.
-you cannot use your mobile phone whilst driving
-parking on yellow lines is prohibited
-you are not allowed to drive if you have consumed alcohol or used any kind of drugs
-Have always with you your driving license and passport or id.
-Traffic in roundabouts has to give way to traffic entering roundabouts (unless it is regulated different by signs)
-all passengers must wear seatbelts
-Children under 6 years or age or 1,35m of height must be seated in child seat
-You do not have to use lights during day.

Speed limits in Greece:

Please have in mind that, you will not always find a sign on the road so in general the speed limits are
-Urban areas: 50 kms/h
-Open roads: 80 kms/h

Tips for safe and easy driving in Corfu Island.

-The sign system in Corfu is a bit tricky. You will not always find a sign before a crossroad, so it is better you use a GPS system. Drive slowly and carefully and do not pass through stop sign and junctions as it is very dangerous.

-Parking on Corfu is easy and most of the times free.
Just mind to park correctly and lock the car before leaving it.

-Use the car horn before going around the corners.
This way, drivers coming the other way will keep aside.

-Use low/correct gear, if you have chosen to have a manual car and not automatic. You need to use the correct gear depending on the road angle and your speed. When driving uphill it is preferred to use of 2nd gear, or even 1st gear if needed. Remember to use the clutch as less as possible to avoid mechanical damage. When driving downhill, never drive in neutral or using the clutch. This reduces the car’s stability. Instead, use 2nd gear in downhill, or 3rd maximum.